“Manou the Swift” Trailer released !

Manou the Swift (2019 Movie) Official Trailer (HD) starring Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe released:

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LUXX Studios is using AMD for “Manou The Swift”

LUXX Studios Completing its First Animated Feature Using the Ultimate AMD Solution



Cannes Film Festival 2018: LUXX Film is proud to announce Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe as Cast for feature movie “Manou the Swift”

Kate Winslet, Willem Dafoe Lead Cast of Animated ‘Manou the Swift’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Germany’s LUXX Flies High with Production for ‘Manou the Swift’ Feature

successful back from Cannes Film Festival 2015: “Manou the Swift”

“Manou The Swift”

is back from AFM 2014 in Los Angeles


Now it is official: Thank you MFG for funding our very first self developed feature animation movie “Manou The Swift”. Thank you for the support, with your help we can start into preproduction of the movie !

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FMX 2014

We are at the FMX in Stuttgart Germany.

Recruiting for 3D animated feature „MANOU THE SWIFT“ 22th April 2014 – 3pm @ Haus der Wirtschaft | Raum Reutlingen Find more here:

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MFG Film Funding awarded MFG Funds for Script Development INVERTED Continue reading “MFG FUNDS “INVERTED”” »

Manou`s Advent calendar

MANOU is developed as an Animated Feature 84 min. at LUXX FILM

The orphaned Swift MANOU living with his Seagull family in Nice grows up believing he will become a good seagull . He tries hard to swim, dive and… Continue reading