andrea.blockAndrea Block – Development, Creative Producing & Managing Director

Andrea Block started her career as an architect, then continued with a post graduate degree of Film and Media at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg in 2003. She worked for several years in the VFX Industry, on ambitious Art Projects and successfully finished her own Film Productions before she founded LUXX Studios with her Partner Chris Haas in 2006. She works as a Visual Effects Supervisor, Producer and Managing Director for Visual Effects and Animation on Feature Films, TV productions, games cinematics and commercials. These include internationally renown films like ‘White House Down’, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘Max Schmeling’, ‘Prisoner of the Sun’ and ‘Die Helden’, ‘Münchhausen’, ‘Rommel’, ‘History of the Oceans’ for national TV Event Productions. In 2012 she founded LUXX FILM with her Partner and works as managing director and creative producer at LUXX FILM, finished the Feature ‘Prisoner of the Sun’ as associate producer, wrote the script with Axel Melzener for ‘MANOU’ an animated feature now in preproduction, funded by MFG awarded with a prize at ITFS 2011 for scriptwriting and at Cinekid 2012. She is currently working on the script on a visual effects driven Movie ‘INVERTED’ for the international market with the Team at LUXX FILM, developing the rewrite for ‘No Picnic Mount Kenya’ based on a true story, and working on the Interactive Visual Novel ‘MANOU’s World’.


Chris_HaasChris W. Haas – Development, VFX Consulting + Managing Director

Chris Haas studied 6 Years at Filmacademy Ludwigsburg where he worked for 1 Year on ‘Caravan’, an abitious Science Fiction Short and recieved his diploma in 2002 for Animation and Visual Effects. Since then he has worked in the Visual Effects Industry as 3D artist, Effects Specialist and VFX Set Supervisor. In 2006 he founded LUXX Studios as postproduction facility for Visual Effects and Animation with his Partner Andrea Block. He works as Managing Director and VFX Supervisor at LUXX Studios on projects like ‘White House Down’, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘Max Schmeling’ and on TV Event Movies like ‘Die Helden’, ‘Münchhausen’, ‘Rommel’, ‘History of the Oceans’ and Planet ‘Egypt’. At LUXX Film he specializes in VFX Preproduction and Technical Direction from development to production, but also ignites the core ideas to inhouse software development tools at LUXX Studios and much of IP developed at LUXX Film, i.e. ‘MANOU’ and ‘INVERTED’ are based on his original ideas. Chris is currently working on the preproduction of ‘MANOU’ and preparing the script on the visual effects driven Movie ‘INVERTED’ for the international market with the Team at LUXX FILM.


Julia Carvajal Widmann – Buisness Affairs + Marketing Director

Julia Carvajal Widmann has graduated in international Business and marketing at Academy Pforzheim. Since 2011 she works for LUXX Film as director of marketing and producer for development and preproduction. She manages international business affaires for coproduction and production for projects like ‘Inverted’ a 120 min. Sci-fi Adventure and the 88 min. animated feature ‘Manou the Swift’. Previously she has accumulated experience at LUXX Studios on international Feature Films like ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Independence Day: Resurgance’.