Winner of the PRIME 4 KIDS award 2012

“Manou the Swift” is the winner of the PRIME 4 KIDS award 2012 in Amsterdam. The German Producer and Co-writer Andrea Block of LUXX FILM and  screenwriter Axel Melzener won the award for best scriptwriting today at the Cinekid festival in Amsterdam. The team, including Franziska Mueller (drama coach) and Leszek Plichta (art director), expressed their great thanks especially to Primehouse media, the MFG Baden-Württemberg and the people who organized the Prime 4 Kids event.
The screenplay for “Manou the Swift” was selected and sponsored by the film funding MFG Baden-Württemberg. Earlier this year the script was nominated for best German Scriptwriting for Animation at the International Trick Film Festival (ITFS)  in Stuttgart Germany. “Manou the Swift” is a 95 minutes CG animated family entertainment feature film.  The project is a modern fable about friends and strangers. It‘s a story about the differences that divide us but also make us unique.

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